7 Ways to Transform Online Contacts into Sales

Some entrepreneurs are still employing old fashioned advertising strategies in today’s business world. In order to be the best you have to stop using “cheap and easy” strategies and tactics, these will no longer give you the outcome you want. Consumers today have developed some kind of “Spider-sense”, a way to almost instantly get a feel if you are putting their best interest in mind or you are just after the sale.

If you want to take advantage of the online world and create a community that’s both engaging and profitable, there are several advertising tactics that you need to add to your repertoire, so be sure to take note and most important, start implementing right away.

  1. Generosity: Stop worrying about someone else “stealing your knowledge”. A common misconception entrepreneurs have is that if they share their expertise the competition is going to steal it. Don’t worry, in today’s day and age it’s likely that someone else already posted an article or video about that what you think is unique. Your perfect customer is looking for strategies and tactics, how to lists and processes, frequently asked questions and user’s tips and tricks; would you rather for them to find it someplace else or become the resource? Don’t be afraid, share your knowledge and expertise, show generosity and you’ll see it will pay-off.
  2. Limitations: Although it is important to be generous and share your knowledge and expertise, you also have to make a profit. What I mean is you have to be aware that you are not doing this to become a YouTuber, an influencer or a reporter. Set limits; remember you are not being paid to write and post content. Post two articles and two videos per month, post 2 times a week in social media, if you are offering free sessions, set a time limit. No matter if it’s on video, chat or phone.
  3. Don’t act desperate: Have you ever been window shopping at a mall or store? How does it feel to suddenly be interrupted by someone that’s just looking to close the sale? I bet you know what I’m talking about, right? You can feel the desperation. Don’t do that to your prospects; establish a good relation instead of just craving for getting business. Consumers are wise enough to tell the difference. Allow them to get comfortable; let them know you, like you and when the moment comes ask for the sale.
  4. Do a SPAM check: Be sure you are not just pitching all the time, create valuable conversations. The SPAM check is for you to do it on yourself. When you are constantly trying to make the sale without adding value to the conversation, people get annoyed and they are also likely to stop listening to what you have to say. So when you are planning your content always remember to do a SPAM check.
  5. Make a communication plan: Don’t make the mistake of thinking everybody is waiting for your post, video or offer. Your customers, just like you, have their mind full, they have many things to think about, kids, friends, jobs, family, pay bills, etc… they are not just waiting to see when you have something to share with them. People are likely to look for what you have to say when they know when you are posting it and if they know you are posting consistently. So create a communication plan and let them know about it. Also remember give them a little reminder that you are about to put out new content. As long as you are generating value for them it will be well received and you’ll have their attention. By doing this they’ll be more receptive to the offer.
  6. Social Proof: Don’t know what to say? Let your customers say it! You don’t have to do all the hard work, let them do the talking. Your customers don’t care if you paid to be featured in a magazine, an interview, a website or a publication; they care about what other have to say about doing business with you. Testimonials, recommendations, tips are a great way to get more clients, that’s social proof.
  7. Be yourself: There’s a fine line between modelling and copying, and you don’t want to cross it. Your customers are YOUR customers because of YOU, not because you are someone else. If they wanted to do business with someone else they would be with your competition. So, find out what makes you special; if you don’t know or you are not sure, don’t be afraid to ask them and leverage their answers. You can also record them and use them as content or social proof, so you can’t go wrong here.

A piece of advice, don’t try to implement everything above at once. Choose one, the one that makes most sense to you and that it’s the easiest to implement. If you don’t have any social proof don’t start with that; start with posting valuable content that your customer service or sales department already has get that social proof, maybe in two months you can continue with that one.

Remember… Money is not made by learning, Money is made by EXECUTING what you learned. So choose one and start today!

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